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Solar Water pump irrigation

We have complete water pump range to overcome the customer’s problem related to the irrigation, commercial and domestic water requirements. System can operate on solar with sun tracker and dry run protection. System will be designed as per customer’s requirement on basis of data provided by the customer to economize and cost effective water pumping system. Vast, range of submersible pumps are available specially designed for domestic, commercial, industrial and irrigation purpose.

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater absorbs solar energy to generate hot water. Solar Water Heater uses solar collectors or vacuum tubes to heat the water with solar thermal technology. No electricity or gas is required for water heating in this process. The average temperature of the hot water is generally 60-65  C but it can go up to 80  C

Applications :

Solar Water Heater can provide hot water which can be used for various purposes such as Households, Hotels & Resorts, Tanneries, Offices, Hospitals & Clinics, Restaurants, Laundries Industries, etc.

Solar Street Light

Suitable for whole night out-door application in off grid villages, factories, camp sites, gardens, community areas, schools, university campuses etc.

Automatic in operation with dawn to dusk controller.

3 days uninterrupted operation in bad weather condition.

Robust design to withstand severe weather conditions.

Minimum maintenance and no recurring cost.

Solar Signboard/Solar Billboard

Solar signboard or billboard can easily operated by solar power instead of electricity. As a result for operating billboard or signboard no need the grid connection. It is easy to install in remote rural areas of Bangladesh where conventional electricity not reach in foreseeable future.


Suitable for BTS, repeater station, radio and all forms of telecommunication equipment.

Available in product ranges from 1KWp to 20KWp.

Both purely solar and solar-diesel hybrid solution.

Significant opex reduction) 55% to 100%)

No recurring cost.

Quiet, environment friendly operation.

Enhances network coverage beyond grid connected areas.