About Us

Supernova Solar is to meet our customer’s needs in terms of energy objectives, to provide our clients with professional knowledge of business and guarantee the best quality service. We are serving since 2009 as a company in the area of Renewable Energy.

Our mission is to reduce greenhouse gasses through the use of solar PV technology. Each kilowatt hour produced via solar PV, 1.3 lbs of carbon based (CO2) contaminates have been saved from release. We like that! Our unending goal is to enjoy nature today and leave it stronger for our children tomorrow.

Supernova Engineering Inc. is directed by a team of professionals specialized. We are the leading supplier and installer of renewable energy products in Bangladesh with last four years of experience in the dark corners of Bangladesh and with unmatched record for providing quality products and services at the leading edge of technology. We are installing solar home systems at electrified areas, town and city with remote rural areas since 2009.